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AdwareMedic creator and owner Thomas Reed will join the company as Director of Mac Offerings, leading a growing team of Mac uk buy viagra jelly online developers and researchers at Malwarebytes. According to a June 2015 OPSWAT report, only half of Mac users have antivirus protection, and that protection does not typically detect adware.

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Bio Inspired Adhesion

We are developing reusable attaching systems for space applications where magnetic and suction systems generally fail. We are manufacturing cylindrical micro-posts, nano-fibers, and micro-posts with mushroom-caps (see figures below). 

Sample publication (see full list of publications)

  • Krahn, J, and Menon, C, (2012) Electro-Dry-Adhesion, Langmuir, Vol.28, No.12.
  • Krahn, J, Sameoto, D, Menon, C (2011) Controllable biomimetic adhesion using embedded phase change material, Smart Materials and Structures, Vol.10, No.1, 015014 (8pp)
  • Sameoto, D, Menon, C (2010) Deep UV Patterning of Acrylic Masters for Molding Biomimetic Dry Adhesives, Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, Vol.20, No.11, 115037 (10pp)

Some movies:





Collaborations:  MENRVA group is currently collaborating with the European Space Agency for the development of novel attaching systems .